What Was

Up and down, in and out

I don’t know if I can catch up without

Without feeling the rhythms of a drum

The solo mission…  as it has become

Interpreting what really is…

Therefore never knowing what was

We seek out in the sky above

A voice, a sound, and maybe rain

Wash away all of thy pain

So we can breathe again

Become friends again

Laugh again

Play again



Author: ciresodysseys

I have no idea of what I'll write, when I'll write, though I will write. Consume with a grain of salt, please.

One thought on “What Was”

  1. The present era is very fast paced; we have so much at our disposal, all the while so little time, and the incorrect time organization for the most important things in our lives. All of what makes this period the most advanced is dragging our minds elsewhere, where time doesn’t exist. When they wake up, they’ll realize the true essence of moments, and how time can steal, if it is given the chance. Of course, this is my interpretation. Another great poem 🤗✋👍🏼

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