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Cire’s Odysseys introduces the viewer to a mixed media of Cire’s life experiences spanning his childhood to adulthood and, its presented in a literal and visual display of creative and academic quirkiness. His mind and emotions, all too often, wanders way into left field hoping to solve the worlds problems with his imaginative voice and lens. Cire’s writing, art, poetry and photography are sprung by a moment in time, some relative to his locked experiences and some relative to his pointed mood swings. His message is often seen as esoteric, and it very well might be, though somehow people seem to feel his vision.

The intent of his portfolio is first to help him find his way, which is oftentimes obscured by intersections of race, faith, class and gender…oh and those vicious political groups. Second, Cire’s goal is to dive deeper into the his consciousness which is no longer doubled in the DuBois sense of the phrase so that one day he can help children and youth in under-served communities to climb out of their shells, masks, crab baskets and double consciousness to find their path to oneness.

Cire’s photography, mostly taken by cell phone, allows the viewer to create their own story about the object in the photograph. Yes, we would all like to know what is actually going through Cire’s mind at the time (give it a try and send your comments), but that’s a story for another About me page. However, Cire does provide a short explanation for his poems. As for his works of art, its a hobby bound with energy though not much training behind it. He longs to take a painting or pastel class; though again, his work is created from mood swings.

And then, there are the ‘Kynard Files,’ Cire’s academic journey into auto-ethnographic research. In his approach, he explores and exposes his unwound discourse on intersections of youth development, racism, poverty and the politics of just being. By conducting his research, he aims to develop an intervention for children and youth who potentially could get caught up in juvenile delinquent behavior. Working inside the community employing methods of participatory action research, interviews, surveys and narratives, Cire plans to enable the child, parent and community to take part in developing a oneness in the individual and a oneness within the community.

To that end, I round out Cire’s About me page with Robin D. G. Kelley’s words which are taped inside his top drawer, “Love, Study, Struggle.”